The 21st century has added a new dimension to every aspect of our lives. Its progressive flow has inculcated in each one of us an inner eye to see beyond mediocrity, in high definition. It has been long since our good old tele graduated from black and white to colour, from doordarshan to Netflix, hotstar, from just daily 'samachaar’ to everything there is to see on this planet and any other! Television today is a plethora of emotions and ideas in itself - bringing together the most unlikely genres in one screen. Being engineers isn't just about cognitive aptitude, but also about being able to blend it with creativity for a better life. What better blend of creativity and knowledge than our faithful television - A festival in itself, inspired by the world. This scintilla leading to fireworks is what we aim at witnessing this TML.

At A Glance

Fashion Show

if you got the James Xean daydream look in your eyes or the elegant and classy Marilyn Monroe's style, walk 'The Walk' at SIES GST

Model United Nation

suit up and experience life as a United Nations delegate

Moksh Film Festival

Grab your popcorn and eat your way through the delights of short movies and creative advertisements.

Group Dance

keep calm and get your groove on

Mr. and Ms. TML

Sugar spice and everything nice! What recipe are you made of?


lets headbang together

EDM Night

Dance the night away, It's time to slay!

Byte Camp

#include < Hackathon.h >
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